Delta Group L&H and A&H Market Differentiation

National Partners in Risk Management and Data Analytics

After 30 years of exceptional performance in the insurance industry, and representing a plethora of services, as well as innovative technology, the Delta Group has morphed into an organization, not only revered as a leader, but defined as one.

The Life & Health and Accident & Health markets is a target for our organization and supported by tenured and exceptional leadership and tactical management. We have a professional focus on our capabilities in our advanced approach to risk management and partnerships, driving toward a balanced result in assisting our clients in managing complex claims and risk considerations.

There is no stone unturned in our analytics and predictive modeling to ensure practical and ethical management of the client’s pressing desire to manage their liabilities to the letter of the contract, and in support of the ultimate customer, the claimant. Delta Group understands your needs and the ability to foster an ethical management and partnership toward groundbreaking tools and resolutions that is in the interest of all parties involved. Partnerships being the key word.

Data analytics is not a buzz word in the Delta Group world, it’s a way of business. To enable our clients to better understand and predict the threats and overarching liabilities that lay ahead, the Delta Group has invested in leading edge predictive modeling as well as robust technology and advancements that no other company can offer.

How does the coupled approach to risk management impact our clients?

  • Real time data exchange
  • Real time access points on claim reviews and status
  • Progress updates and service standards per evaluation
  • Predictive modeling by claims, ICD9, 10, & 11 codes, by location, and resolution
  • Concentration of risk identification based on client specific and industry wide data
  • Client portal access protected and qualified
  • Client specific webinars and on-site data analysis of said markets and products
  • Weekly, monthly, and quarterly reporting on actions, progress and resolutions

Delta Group has developed a footprint of experts, nationally and locally, to manage our services, and more important, our client’s expectations and demands in a professional and highly ethical manner. Delta Group prides ourselves on the reputation of our team, but equally as important, the relationship with our clients.

Delta controls a central repository to store large amounts of data. The most useful information can be extracted from the database allowing our customers to manage and predict past and future actions. The data warehouse can bring together information in a single format, supplemented by metadata through use of a set of input mechanisms known as extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) tools. These and other BI tools enable organizations to quickly make knowledgeable business decisions based on good information analysis from the data.

Analysis of the data includes simple query and reporting functions, statistical analysis, more complex multidimensional analysis, and data mining (also known as knowledge discovery in databases, or KDD). Online analytical processing (OLAP) is most often associated with multidimensional analysis, which requires powerful data manipulation and computational capabilities. These functional and inspirational approaches are exactly what Delta can produce to differentiate our clients and the way they manage risk and data mining.

Delta predictive modeling is also a faction of our approach to risk management and partnership where we, as an organization, query against past experiences and credible data, and predict by concentration levels where and when a fraud claim is most prevalent to happen. Without the litigative fall out of profiling, this applies to all products being investigated in all areas of our organization and customer database.