Delta Services



Our eRemote® surveillance provides HD quality, around-the-clock coverage utilizing a variety of unmanned cameras blending in with any environment needed as it’s not placed within vehicles.

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Our Background Investigations provide a comprehensive report outlining a business or individual’s information and complete history utilizing online databases, courthouse records, real property information and more.

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Our field surveillance team is composed of highly skilled and crafted investigators. State of the art equipment and technology sets a high standard for our investigations.

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Delta Group’s expert SIU team offers a variety of full-service SIU products including Recorded Statements (telephone and in-person), Alive and Well Checks, Interviews, Scene Investigations, and more.

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Delta’s Scoop Report explores and captures an individual’s presence including their past and present activity on all social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.

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Medical Canvass

Our Medical Canvass Investigations explore an individual’s widespread medical and treatment history, providing thorough information uncovered from hospitals, healthcare clinics, pharmacies, etc.

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